What is DevOps?

DevOps is the process of develop, test, deploy, and maintain an app with great speed, superior quality, and excellent control, taking into consideration that DevOps is a culture which promotes collaboration between the development team and the operations team. That is how the word “DevOps” has been derived. DevOps is one of the factors which makes an Agile software development company ‘Agile.’

DevOps Cycle

Why do we need DevOps?

  • Shorter Development Time, Faster Delivery

It helps business and enterprises to reduce their application time-to- market. Which means now they have more time to test market penetration of their app. They can do more marketing experiments with their app than earlier.

  • Reduce Deployment Failures, Increase Recovery Time

It decreases rollbacks and increases the recovery time of an application. It will save developer’s time and energy as there will be lesser failures in every build release.

  • Better Communication

The wait for results is no longer. The ritual of turning over the application to operations people and await the result will be over. Since the developers can fix bugs and build the app faster, the deployment team will deploy the app quicker and reduce time-to-market.

  • Higher Efficiency

The development process will become faster and less prone to errors at the same time.

  • Reduce Cost by Reducing IT Staff

DevOps helps business, start-ups, and enterprises to save money on their
mobile app or web app development project.

Benefits Of DevOps as a Service for Your Organization

CLOUDVESTS DevOps as a Service frees up your best workforce to focus on what is strategically important for your business. 


The DevOps lifecycle is primarily focused on coordination and automation.
It determines the set of policies that links the development and Operations teams to work together.

The key steps involved in the DevOps process flow.

Continuous Integration

It is a practice that allows developers to merge their code changes into a shared repository regularly.

Continuous Testing

It’s a practice that allows developers to ensure their code works as intended in a live environment.

Continuous Monitoring

This process enables IT operations to identify problems and notify developers in real-time.

Continuous Delivery

This process allows code modifications to be created, tested, and packaged automatically before being released into production.

Continuous Deployment

In this process, every verified update is automatically released to users. It removes the requirement for pre-determined release dates and shortens the feedback loop.

Here’s what you get from CLOUDVESTS DevOps as a Service

  • Immediate access to professional engineers

When it comes to DevOps, an experienced specialist will cost you an arm and a leg, CLOUDVESTS have a well-established recruitment process to provide you with the most experienced specialists.

  • Faster delivery & better product quality

CLOUDVESTS breathe DevOps culture and collaboration approach. Such teams are streets ahead, more cross-functional and productive. Our experienced and well-coordinated team is able to shorten the development cycle, speed up recovery from failures and delivery of the application to the market. CLOUDVESTS DevOps team provides you with constant monitoring, continuous testing and automation, that improves the quality of the production code and the end product.

  • Reducing risks & expenses

Trial and error approach with an internal DevOps team, leads to loss of
time and money. CLOUDVESTS DevOps team, takes financial risks for provided service on themselves. Plus, the engagement in a great number of different projects for companies in various industries. which enables us to constantly improve our experience and be informed on which tools and approaches work best for what projects.


  • Understand your operational goals and assess existing work processes and team dynamics to gauge DevOps capabilities.
  • Design a suitable DevOps strategy; conduct pilot tests to evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Introduce refined DevOps model with appropriate technology stack and automation tools.
  • Perform further training to your DevOps team to improve processes and delivery times.

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