Jordan Ahli Bank is thrilled to announce the launch of Qawn, a game-changing social payment app that is transforming the way money is sent and received. With its innovative built-in chat capabilities, Qawn redefines financial transactions for both individuals and merchants. Available for download on Android and iPhone devices, Qawn offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge financial services.

A standout feature of Qawn is its seamless integration with CliQ, a local payment switch in Jordan. This integration enables businesses to accept payments at a reduced cost, fostering economic growth and convenience. Moreover, Qawn empowers Jordanians by providing a hassle-free remote account opening process, eliminating the need for branch visits. With a streamlined onboarding journey that takes just five minutes, users can swiftly access the app’s features.

At CloudVests, our unwavering dedication to reliability, security, and performance has been the driving force behind Qawn’s phenomenal success, leading to a revolutionary transformation in the payment landscape.

Reliability: By meticulously designing and implementing a resilient cloud infrastructure, we ensured Qawn’s availability round the clock. Our robust architecture, combined with automated scaling mechanisms, guarantees uninterrupted service even during peak usage periods.

Security: Qawn’s users trust us with their sensitive financial data, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our implementation of stringent security measures, including continuous vulnerability assessments, secure coding practices, and strict access controls, ensures the utmost protection of user information.

Performance: At CloudVests, we understand that performance is the key to user satisfaction. By employing advanced monitoring and optimization techniques, we fine-tuned Qawn’s performance to deliver lightning-fast response times and a seamless user experience, regardless of transaction volumes.

DevOps Excellence: Our implementation of DevOps principles and practices streamlined Qawn’s development and deployment processes. Continuous integration and delivery allowed for rapid feature releases, accelerated bug fixes, and enhanced collaboration between teams, ensuring swift response to user needs.

Scalability: Qawn’s rapid growth demanded a scalable solution, and we delivered. Our cloud infrastructure, designed with scalability in mind, seamlessly accommodates increased user demand, effortlessly adapting to the evolving needs of the application.

Collaboration: Our partnership with Jordan Ahli Bank was marked by open communication, teamwork, and a shared vision. By closely aligning with their goals, we were able to deliver a product that surpassed expectations, achieving a truly collaborative success story.

By incorporating these pillars into the Qawn project, Jordan Ahli Bank and CloudVests have set a new standard for the fintech industry in Jordan, offering users a secure, reliable, and sustainable social payment app that meets their evolving needs.

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