Secure and Transparent Transactions in Digital Banking with Amazon QLDB

Imagine a world where banks, businesses, and customers can all verify the accuracy and history of financial transactions with ease. This vision becomes a reality with Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (OLDB). Here’s how QLDB can revolutionize digital banking: Immutable Audit Trail Unlike traditional databases, QLDB maintains an immutable audit trail, a permanent and tamper-proof record of […]

Guardians of Financial Integrity: How AWS Enhances Data Protection and Compliance in ML Pipelines

Automated PII Redaction in Financial Data: Ensuring Compliance Financial institutions handle voluminous documents, including sensitive loan and mortgage statements with confidential customer data. Upholding data protection is crucial for compliance with regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Europe’s GDPR, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Navigating Data Protection Challenges Manually […]

Unlocking Success: CLOUDVESTS Attains Advanced Tier as an AWS Partner 🚀

Introduction: Celebrating a Milestone in Cloud Excellence At Cloudvests, we are elated to share a momentous achievement in our journey—a significant leap as we attain the coveted Advanced Tier status as an AWS Partner. This accomplishment not only symbolizes our unwavering commitment to excellence but also highlights the collaborative spirit and expertise of our dedicated […]

Introducing Qawn: Jordan Ahli Bank Cutting-Edge Social Payment App

Introduction Jordan Ahli Bank proudly presents the launch of Qawn, a groundbreaking social payment app that is revolutionizing the way money is sent and received. Downloadable on both Android and iPhone devices, Qawn introduces innovative built-in chat capabilities, redefining financial transactions for individuals and merchants alike. Empowering Features for Users A standout feature of Qawn […]

AWS Cost Optimization Best Practices

AWS Cost Optimization Best Practices Cloud cost optimization is the process of optimizing the overall expenditure your business incurs on AWS cloud computing by Applying the best practice approach of right-sizing, reserved instances, elasticity, and a measure/monitor/improve cycle. The main pillars that need to be considered in the process Uncovering the mismanaged resources, reserving capacity […]

Case Study – MQPLANET

About MQPLANET Fintech Company, Established in 2007, serving the forex market, with multiple solutions and applications. MQ Planet is an IT company, Fintech specialized in providing solutions for financial market companies. MQ Planet conducts business worldwide, with technology related to the financial market. focusing on technologies that improve chances of establishing, developing, and fully operating […]

DevOps As A Service

What is DevOps? DevOps is the process of develop, test, deploy, and maintain an app with great speed, superior quality, and excellent control, taking into consideration that DevOps is a culture which promotes collaboration between the development team and the operations team. That is how the word “DevOps” has been derived. DevOps is one of […]

AWS PCI Compliance Guide

AWS PCI Compliance Guide Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the main providers of services in the cloud published in April 2020 the document « Guide to compliance with PCI DSS v3.2.1 » (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2 .1 on AWS – Compliance Guide). This document describes different concepts from the perspective of identifying scope, management […]